338 Quanapoag Road, Fall River, MA 02747

The NMC is a 50 shot match with four shooting stages: 

  • 10 rounds at 200 yards (slow fire, standing, 10 minutes)  
  • 10 rounds at 200 yards (rapid fire, sitting, 60 seconds with one reload)
  • 10 rounds at 300 yards (rapid fire, prone, 70 seconds with one reload)
  • 20 rounds at 600 yards (slow fire, prone, 20 minutes)

NMC Matches are scheduled for the following 2024 dates:


All shoots start at 9:00am.

For more  info contact - TBD


The National Match Course matches are for beginning and experienced shooters who want to become goodrifle shooters and perhaps shoot in the Rhode Island High Power Rifle League as they develop theirshooting skills.  Some guns and ammo are available at these shoots with some instruction for shooting  the matches.